Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Betty Boop mosaic

I had decided that I would have 2 blogs my dolly blog and an ordinary blog and I would keep them separate.  So any one not interested in my dollies doesn't have to read about them, those that do great.
However as with the Lego we over lap again, this being about mosaics, I have been looking how to create mosaics from http://cindyzlogic.blogspot.com/, who put up a mosaic and how to do it from another website. So to keep the chain going I thought I would have a go as it looks really good. I did mine by using my own flickr images, just to see what it looks like.   Using big huge labs.com Tutorial via
http://dearlittleredhouse.blogspot.com/2009/07/making-photo-mosaics-tutorial.html   Right, enough of the advertising here is my effort with my Betty Boop Photo stream from flickr. 

Unfortunately my lamp has lost the top of it, and the others a bit tight around the edges.  As the photo has been transferred as the small thumbnail rather than the large picture, but never mind I'll learn.  However as a second attempt, it is not bad and I will have to practice.  Mosaics will be a good way to display my dollies.
As the background of my blog shows, I will be able to showcase each room, in their order like a house, and also my individual pieces.  Anyway it looks like fun, and when I do start making things again or re-arranging my furniture and making up new displays, it will be a good way to display the photo's on the blog page, rather than higglety pigglety  on the page.

Here are the individual pictures I used, in all their glory.

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