Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Everyone I hope you are all having a brilliant day, whereever it is, with whoever it is and doing whatever it is you enjoy doing.  I have had a good Christmas spent with Kevin and 2 of my 4 kids. We opened our pressies watched lots of TV and listened to Robbie Swing Both Ways. 

Over the last few months I have been working on my dolls house basement, as I now have a large house to go on top so I need to get the basement finished. So here it is in all it's glory.  I as you know am not a whiz with do it your self, so muddle along the best I can so here are my humble efforts.  

The house has been built and awaiting the decorators I am hoping to put photographs up as I go. 

Monday, 6 May 2013


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Scull.

This is some lego I managed to pick up last year, in Hitchin at one of their Saturday morning bazaars.  I love Indiana Jones and have all the films. So when I saw these I couldn't resist them.  I spent the evening very happily making them up and taking their photo's.  A few bits missing,but never mind.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Vintage Emporium

I have a lot of bits and pieces, lying around, and I can never remember where I put things.  So I decided to use the old shell of my Victorian House to store them all.  It wasn't long before it looked like an old dumping ground, so I decided to tidy it up and make my own Emporium.  I do enjoy rummaging around and looking for bargains, at these places, so I thought my dollies, will love this.  The joy of course is that it doesn't matter what era the item is from, it fits in perfectly.  Now of course, I can see what I have, so when I am re-arranging the other houses I can go straight to what I need.

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Conservatory

 This is a lovely conservatory which was ready made, ex-display stock, It was half price and I didn't have to make it up, excellent!  So I decided to have Agnes entertaining Arthur with a game of  Chess  and after noon tea.       

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Model Village

When Chris was younger, he had a paper round, and decided to make a model village lay out, and he started buying little bits and pieces, in N Gauge.  I found his box in the loft with some track and an engine, and all the buildings he had made up.  and I thought oh goodie a model village for my dollies it is a perfect size.  Unfortunately, now that I have my own small "dolly room" I am not using the larger bookcases on the stairs, and my displays are on a narrow bookcase in my room, so I don't have a lot of room for it.  However as Kevin love's his railways I am hoping that he will help me make it and we could then transfer it to the larger bookcase on the stairs.  I do have more vehicles to put on as Kev picks up small vehicles at boot sales.  I haven't finished rummaging yet in Chris's box so hopefully there are other items I can use.  Kev also has model railway bits from his younger days, so his box will be next, but most of his are 00 gauge.  

Marcia is enjoying herself playing with a little car.  "How do they make the people small enough to fit in" she wonders.

The Children are out for the day in the model village.  Pam is wondering why they didn't think of this before she has never seen little Lucy so engrossed.

The Children are out for the day in the model village.  Pam is wondering why they didn't think of this before she has never seen little Lucy so engrossed.

Tracy is watching John and Jane as they explore the model village.

"I wish I had brought my soldiers with me, this would be a great battle ground," thinks John. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

New Projects

I am in the middle of a few projects at the moment, and I try and photograph my displays before I take them down and start again.  I have recently been having split centuries in my basement and house, and I had put the modern girls down stairs in the basement.  One half their living area the other half their shop.  Giving the amount of bits and bobs that I have that are Victorian and Edwardian, I decided to have a vintage emporium with all their musical instruments as well, so almost a second time around shop, with a vintage feel to it. 
I didn't get it finished before I decided to change it, and turn it back into the kitchen and below stairs to the house above, which I haven't started yet.  The girls little shop would be better in the shop it is a smaller area more compact, and two large rooms for their living area.  So I have to move Millie out, not to hard as in years gone by, their was a great need to make do and mend, so most houses had a sewing area, whether done by a maid or in smaller homes by the mistress of the house, so I should be able to find room for everything.  A part from the front photograph to my blog I have not posted Millies shop, so here it is before she moves out.  Properly back to being a maid or a new set of clothes for her to go into one of the other houses.

Millie owns the haberdashery and is also a dressmaker.
She has two rooms upstairs, she rents it cheaply from a
 gentlemen friend who shall not be named,
but looks a lot like little Tim.  

Hilda and Maud watch while Emily tries on a new gown, that Millie has,
 made for her.   Millie is at the back serving Pamela a new corset and some ribbon.

The living room is already set so Timmy can get himself something to eat,
while mum is down stairs, The pie is already for dinner tonight.

Tim plays with his toys while Roy his dog keeps an eye on him.  'Timmy may
not be hungry but I really fancy that pie' thinks Roy. 

Millie has her shop all decorated for Christmas.  She does wish that Emily
and her family would go so that she could pack up and be with Timmy.
She wonders if He! might come to visit tonight!!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas


This is my Christmas Scene for this year. The Carolers are out side the house singing.  Clara and Suzanne  are playing in the yard with their sleigh, Daddy is coming a round the back to call them in for dinner.  Tommy is standing by the street light watching them with his little wooden sledge, wishing he could join in. Eliza is on the other corner beneath the lamp selling her flowers, she has done well today hopefully, this fine handsome gentlemen will buy some blooms and she can go buy some thing nice for her Christmas tea.  Santa is running late with his rounds and his sleigh is up on the roof, while he quietly slides  down the chimney to leave the girls their toys. "mustn't forget their is a new baby to leave a present for, maybe a nice teddy bear".  Mum is upstairs with the baby Emily eating chocolates and she has her favourite book on the bed, she knows she should get ready and go down stairs, but it is so quiet upstairs and peaceful.  She knows Betty is only next door in the girls room doing some mending, while Winnie and Wilfred will have the dinner laid out and the tea things for when Georges parents come for tea and she will have to go down stairs for that. 


Merry Christmas Everyone