Friday, 6 January 2012

Welcome to my Dolly World

As I have just started my blog and Christmas is over, here are some of my Christmas scenes, I will be putting them away soon and changing the displays.  
The adults are gathering to sing carols, while the children play.
Sophia is hoping that Emily is warm enough in her pram.
Clara and Lucy are diving in to Santa's sack to see what
goodies they can find Tom is playing on a sleigh watching
Rudolph drink out of the bird bath.
Betty is getting the table set for when the family  comes  home.
There's presents beneath the tree and stockings
hanging on the mantelpiece.  





Christmas is over and Santa is sitting having a well earned rest.
Mother Christmas is thinking I surpose I will have to find
 the reindeers and settle them down.

Winnie has just made Wilfred fried eggs and some crusty bread,
with a nice cup of tea that should do till supper.  Wilfred has got his eye
on the  lovely plate of  cold meats ready for tomorrow's lunch.

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