Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Wonderful world of Lego

Lego has always been one of those toys that as a family we have always loved.  It is one of those toys that the whole family can get on the floor and play with.  As a child all I had was red and white bricks, then later blue and yellow.  Simple windows and doors and wheels.  When my children where growing up you could get an airport and police stations and for the girls beach houses and cafes.

I went to Kensington, to the doll's house fair, in December and going through St Pancras International Station, I saw a Christmas tree at first, I thought oh a bit boring to symmetrical not how a Christmas tree should be at all, until I got close enough to see and what a wonderful sight.  Stood in the middle of the concourse was a beautiful Giant Christmas Tree made of lego, it was made of 600,000 lego bricks and stood between 10 and 12 metres high depending on which paper you read.

So go on get up in the loft or in to the toy box and get creating, lose your self, what a wonderful bit of escapism from the day to day worries and chores, even if it is only for half an hour.

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