Sunday, 19 February 2012

New Doll's house

As you can see I have a new house not that I have managed to get around to showing you my original one yet apart from a few pics. It is not a whole house, just a shell as you can see from the pictures, from my first post.  Then there is the shop, which is furnished and looks grand, but as it is my background I have not posted any internal pics of it.  My plan had been to strip out the shop and begin to  take pics in layers, the empty shop, then the back shelving, then gradually filling it. As the background to my blog you can't actually see much.

Well my dear Kevin saw a doll's house, sitting on a pool table in cash converters, so he has a look, and a poke and a prod.  The woman serving, tells him that there are four bags of furniture and fittings, to go with it.  So having an eye for a bargain and being the lovely man he is, he bought the lot. 

So I am the very proud owner of another dolls house and a modern family.  I have never done modern so I am looking forward to it.  As you can see from the pictures, some of the furniture is wonderful.

                                                                                        Over the next few weeks I will be painting walls and putting in skirting boards, and door frames, flooring, glazing, hanging curtains, lighting and then fitting with the furniture. I have loads of extra accessories, as the dolls house only had the furniture with it. It is the extra bits and pieces that turn a house in to a home. I also have some little craft packs to make up and also some craft sheets with boxes and packaging on them which will be more suitable for modern. 

Not forgetting my house, it was a part work that I picked up at a car boot, and I was going to fix it up, unfortunately at that time I didn't have the time or know how, so I had individual rooms in storage boxes from wilko's, and had them dotted around on book shelves. This worked well until a book shelve collapsed and  we decided to have less books.  It meant however that with a smaller bookcase I would have room on the top for my house.  It is not brilliant and still needs work, more so because I think it would be better to dismantle and start from scratch, or as it is ply wood to dismantle use the wood for furniture or room boxes, and have a new house.  The problem is my doll's and furniture, do I put them back in their little boxes, until I get a big enough house to do them justice still undecided.  

Now the shop I will most certainly be taking more thorough pictures of it because I think it is wonderful, and I may be biased it was given to me by a lovely lady called Diane, whose husband Terry is a friend of Kevin's.  Now Diane has 4 Dolls houses to die for, they are huge with lots of cupboards hidden hidey holes and little corridors, and the most beautiful furniture imaginable. 
So there will be plenty for me to do over the next few weeks, in my new house.  So keep posted and wish me luck.

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