Friday, 15 June 2012

I have been working hard, both at home and at work, I have been making a few bits for my dolls house nothing too grand, as I am not very good at it, but it does bring a certain amount of pleasure, when it is finished, no matter how bad it looks, so I decided I would do the girls room in my modern house.   I have also picked up a few little things in charity shops, a lovely little dolls house not all the furniture is there, but I can add a few bits.

Not bad, a few bits to add, like a few clothes laying around.  I have made some DVD cases, that you can just make out on her desk, unfortunately, the close up didn't turn out to well, same with the shoes and the  hockey sticks and games bits. I will try again, on a different setting.  The computer screen needs a picture on it, and I have done a JLS picture to hang on her wall. Toy boxes, stool teddy bear and I pod and docking station from DHE. Mirror a set of 6 mini frames from Pound Land.  The doll is a mini Dr Who collectable. 


  1. Hi, iv'e not been dolls house-ing for a while now but thought i'd drop by to take a peek at yours. Your girls room looks really good! I like the toy boxes and all the mini-mini things. (I never think to look for tiny toys at carboots but I've changed my mind now!) The poundland mirror is good, and I know a certain person who would love the mini doctor who charactor, i'm guessing from the hair is Amy Pond. Where did you find her? Are the perfume bottles beads? I have seen them made this way before but havn't tried it yet...Every so often I will look longingly at my much to do and not enough time to do it @sigh@ Anyway liking what you are doing!

  2. Thank you very much for your comments, I do like to make a few bits even if they turn out looking a bit rough, but then it is my house and I do get a certain pleasure out of it, and When I am low on funds it's ideal. The Dr Who is one of the mini collectables you can buy in most shops, my son buys them however you have to do a lot of feeling about I was very lucky with mine I also have Dr Who the new one in the boy's room with a dalek which was easy to find. The bottles and jars are quite easy, little clear ones for pots with the tiny children's beads as a top, also you can use the tiny beads to make necklaces, and the coloured ones to fill jars in the kitchen, long thin ones for bottles and vases. I also use old jewelry, the young lady in my shop trying on her evening/wedding gown, has a hairpin her hair and they are on the counter as hat/hair pins, these are made from ear-ring studs. I must do some close ups of all my rooms they all have little bits I have made. As you know from my other posts I have a few disney toys the tiny doll's sometimes make their way into the nurseries as well,but like you, when I have time. Thanks again for noticing my blog come back anytime Dunstabelle.