Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas


This is my Christmas Scene for this year. The Carolers are out side the house singing.  Clara and Suzanne  are playing in the yard with their sleigh, Daddy is coming a round the back to call them in for dinner.  Tommy is standing by the street light watching them with his little wooden sledge, wishing he could join in. Eliza is on the other corner beneath the lamp selling her flowers, she has done well today hopefully, this fine handsome gentlemen will buy some blooms and she can go buy some thing nice for her Christmas tea.  Santa is running late with his rounds and his sleigh is up on the roof, while he quietly slides  down the chimney to leave the girls their toys. "mustn't forget their is a new baby to leave a present for, maybe a nice teddy bear".  Mum is upstairs with the baby Emily eating chocolates and she has her favourite book on the bed, she knows she should get ready and go down stairs, but it is so quiet upstairs and peaceful.  She knows Betty is only next door in the girls room doing some mending, while Winnie and Wilfred will have the dinner laid out and the tea things for when Georges parents come for tea and she will have to go down stairs for that. 


Merry Christmas Everyone

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