Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Betty Boop

Here are some more pictures of toys and miniatures, from around the house.  Betty Boop The Kiss is my newest Betty, Kevin bought it, I don't have a K, so it is nice to have one.  

The outside toilet I picked up on a trip to a car boot sale, and loved it.  The stud is a 'shelf sitter' and he is the perfect size for the toilet, as the cat watches.

Wallace and Gromit was from a school fete, I have a few pieces around the house.  This is a play house with little characters in them, there's Wallace and Gromit, Feathers McGraw, and the Wrong Trousers, all from 'The Wrong Trousers' also in there are a Wendolene Preston and Shaun from 'A Close Shave'.  A close shave was set in Wendolene's Wools, so there must be added extra's.
'I like a bargain; more cheese Gromit?'

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