Monday, 11 February 2013

New Projects

I am in the middle of a few projects at the moment, and I try and photograph my displays before I take them down and start again.  I have recently been having split centuries in my basement and house, and I had put the modern girls down stairs in the basement.  One half their living area the other half their shop.  Giving the amount of bits and bobs that I have that are Victorian and Edwardian, I decided to have a vintage emporium with all their musical instruments as well, so almost a second time around shop, with a vintage feel to it. 
I didn't get it finished before I decided to change it, and turn it back into the kitchen and below stairs to the house above, which I haven't started yet.  The girls little shop would be better in the shop it is a smaller area more compact, and two large rooms for their living area.  So I have to move Millie out, not to hard as in years gone by, their was a great need to make do and mend, so most houses had a sewing area, whether done by a maid or in smaller homes by the mistress of the house, so I should be able to find room for everything.  A part from the front photograph to my blog I have not posted Millies shop, so here it is before she moves out.  Properly back to being a maid or a new set of clothes for her to go into one of the other houses.

Millie owns the haberdashery and is also a dressmaker.
She has two rooms upstairs, she rents it cheaply from a
 gentlemen friend who shall not be named,
but looks a lot like little Tim.  

Hilda and Maud watch while Emily tries on a new gown, that Millie has,
 made for her.   Millie is at the back serving Pamela a new corset and some ribbon.

The living room is already set so Timmy can get himself something to eat,
while mum is down stairs, The pie is already for dinner tonight.

Tim plays with his toys while Roy his dog keeps an eye on him.  'Timmy may
not be hungry but I really fancy that pie' thinks Roy. 

Millie has her shop all decorated for Christmas.  She does wish that Emily
and her family would go so that she could pack up and be with Timmy.
She wonders if He! might come to visit tonight!!!

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