Thursday, 8 March 2012

Minature Scenes

These are my room boxes and settings, that are not in houses and just dot, around the house.  I am constantly changing them or moving the characters around, as you will see.  The large photo is where Father Christmas was sitting after his rounds, having a cup of  hot chocolate.  Now it is an elegant sitting room.  This sits on a book shelve next to my table.   A D.H.E book box, with Jane writing her books, is also on a bookshelve and sits beside's, Eliza and her barrow.  Albert's market stall is also on a bookcase, needing a section to it's self.   We have a u-bend stairway, and have a half wall, mid way, little scenes are often created here as we walk up and down the stairs, but I don't always take pictures of them.  Albert is having a rest after work, and a well deserved drink.  Gromit and Shaun appear to have run away from Wallace, oh dear me!!!  Annabelle is holding on to her hat, although she is on a roof garden, she is not part of any seen at the moment and will properly be moved to a shelf in time.
Eliza, Jane and Hilda, (the lady in green), are wearing home made outfits.
Lydia plays the piano for family and friends, Edmund is particularly
attentive and wishes to do a duet.
Jane contemplating her next story line.
Nicola and Natalie are looking for a bargain, at Albert's, "Second Time A Round" shop.
  2 very strange characters look on while
Albert has a warm  by the fire, after a busy day at work.
Eliza is selling her flowers, it is very cold out here.

Annabelle is holding on to her hat "it is very windy to day"  "Oh no! I do not like the way Tabby is eyeing those birds. If he jumps my books will fly all over the place in this wind."

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